Contemporary Artist


Since the year 2000 I have lived in Brazil

  Together with the Brazilian Artist Nanci Bastos I painted several years in her studio

Return in Germany, fulltime dedication to my art.



Exhibitions (G)

2019 Member of the "KUN:ST INTERNATIONAL"

-in preparation- Arte Padova Italy Contemporary Art Talent Show

- in preparation- 2019 Participation Exhibition Art Shopping Paris Carrousel du Louvre

2019 my Artwork online Gallery in China with Hihey

2019 my Artwork online Gallery in United States

2019 my Artwork online Gallery in Ireland

2018 PALM ART AWARD 2018 Recognition Prize

2018 China - Artwork online with Hihey

10/2018 Altonale Kunst Herbst Hamburg

10/2018 Participation Exhibition Palermo

10/2018 Participation Exhibition ADAF 2018 Art Fair Amsterdam

03/2018 ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 Armory Artweeks New York -digital-

01/2018 Participation International Prize Leonardo da Vinci - The Universal Artist, Florence

2018 USA Chicago with

2018 my Artwork online

11/2017 Video Exhibition Art Ego Culture Center Spivakovska, Kiev

10/2017 Participation MUSA International ART SPACE Palazzo Velli Expo, Rome

 2017 Participation  KalkKunst Cologne

July 2017 USA Chicago with

2017 Participation Kunstmarkt Tuindorp Holland

 2017 Participation Ingolstädter Art Expo 2017

2017 Participation WOMAN Essence Show Paris

2017 Gallery BildGlas Berlin

2017 Gallery Bethge, Erfurt

2017 Gallery Raab, Fulda

2016 Gallery BildGlas Berlin

2016 Exhibition Participation Kunstmarkt Deutschland Ballhaus Pankow Berlin

2016 Participation Hildener Kunstmarkt Düsseldorf

2016 Kunst im Schneideplatz Bamberg

2016 Gallery Bethge, Erfurt

2016 Gallery Raab, Fulda

2016 Gallery Isartis, Nürnberg

2015 Participation  11. KalkKunst in Köln

2015 Kunstverein Kulmbach

2015 Participation Hildener Kunstmarkt bei Düsseldorf

2015 Gallery Bethge Erfurt

2015 Gallery Puri, Kassel

2015 Gallery Raab, Fulda

2015 Gallery Isartis, Nürnberg

2014 Kunstverein Coburg

2014 Kunstverein Kulmbach

2014 Gallery Isartis, Nürnberg

2014 Gallery Puri, Kassel

2014 Gallery Späth Coburg

2014 Gallery Bethge Erfurt

2014 Gallery Raab, Fulda

2013 Kunstverein Coburg

2013 Kunstverein Kulmbach

2013 Kunst im Schneideplatz Bamberg

2013 Gallery Raab, Fulda

2013 Gallery Bethge, Erfurt

2012 Kunstverein Coburg

2012 Gallery Späth Coburg

2011 Kunstverein Coburg